Awesome blog post by my pal: Spotlight on Kreinik: How to Cover a Crochet Hook with Thread!

What amazing craftiness is happening over at HodgePodge Crochet?!? Well, check it out! 
Spotlight on Kreinik: How to Cover a Crochet Hook with Thread!


Introducing Sean The Dump Truck

I am very pleased to announce my very first amigurumi pattern! Sean The Dump Truck. Right now, he is on sale for 40% off! You just need the coupon code: ITSLIVE

I, of course, am so very excited about this pattern and that I hope that you all like it. The pattern design journey has started off a bit rocky. So why not put all of that in a dump truck and haul it off?

A few weeks ago, my sister in law announced my nephew’s first birthday party. *sad face* I can’t believe he is one! She posted the ol’ facebook event invite and the theme: Construction. How cute is that? What little guy doesn’t like trucks and dirt? I made a joke about him needing a birthday hat- and it was on! She got excited and said that he needed a construction hat from Aunt Chan Chan! So the hunt began. We found an adorable hat by Micah York– it’s super duper easy- I made him 2 so that I was sure he’d get the right size. 🙂 Then I found this little tool belt set by My Sweet Potato 3 . I thought to myself that this was a good start! We need a truck! So I look… and look… and look. There are many appliques that are adorable! What little guy wants to play with an applique? I look some more. Thought to myself, “Can I REALLY do this?”

Yall know that I have tried to design simple things… my “mystery” pattern is still sitting on the end table right next to me. Hubby is asking if I really am going to finish it- I AM! I promise. So I was really concerned about walking the road from start to finish! I get distracted so easily! (cough “mystery pattern”?!?) I am seriously like Doug from Up? That annoying little dog that hollers “SQUIRREL”?! Yeah, I think there are times when I need a cone of shame!




Oh hi! Where was I? I was thinking about Up and how sad that movie makes me!

Ya know- little man REALLY needs a truck to play with! Something that can be tossed in the wash! Something that fits a 1-year-old little guy. Something that screams, “Aunt Chan Chan loves you and is thinking about you!” So I got on it. He just came! He just arrived. He wanted to be found in Yarn and hooks and safety eyes and polyfil! He just came! So I wrote the pattern down. Was it garbage? I don’t know? Was it going to make sense? HA! I rarely make sense!

TESTERS! Oh my goodness! I have some of the best crocheting friends all over the world! A group of crocheters that will- most of the time 😉 – Show up for you, in a crochet sort of way. I doubt my Aussie crochet pals will just show up on my door step! They’d be welcome though! So I had a few awesome gals help to test this pattern and see if I was coherent. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Oh, friends and readers! That first draft- it was BAD! I rewrote it and they waited for me! They were amazing! Awesome women. lemme tell you! They worked and worked. They caught my errors. We have a final and fun pattern. I hope that  you all like him too!

After all of you reading my humongous monologue.. would you like to see him? And a pic of the other goodies I made my little buddy?
Sean the Dump Truck front Sean The Dump Truck IMG_20150303_134017 IMG_20150301_165556_kindlephoto-62426207 IMG_20150301_165602_kindlephoto-62405107

Is there such thing as TOO much crafty?

So in my hiatus (happens often, doesn’t it?) I’ve been keeping up the crafty. Have you?

I’ve tested a few more patterns. But the most exciting thing for me is finding my designing love! I shared with you way back in November- or December, I think- my little lab that I designed. Now that is in my mind.. I need to get that written down! Well, I am now designing something that will be fantastic and it will be a #free pattern. Are you excited? I am. I can’t tell you what it is though. But would you like to see a sneaky peak? I can guarantee that you will never in a million billion years guess what this baby is. So without further delay!!!IMG_20150221_095813IMG_20150221_095807

What do you think? Can you from this little ol’ head guess what he or she will be?

The other thing that I have been working on are some headbands for the crazy girl.

The first is a brown 3 strand headband with a light purple rosette. The other is a single strand black band with a light pink rosette. She was loving them. It’s perfect for any little girl! Message me on my facebook page– these are just $5. no shipping cost! WHAT?!



This one though, is my favorite:


This one I designed the little butterfly! I did not design the headband. I’m really excited about it. Here are some pics of other butterflies that I have made from my pattern.

This headband is $8. also no shipping 😉IMG_20150226_103151 (1)

I think there will be more designs flowing out of my head. I’m just not sure how often. This one was a lot of fun and I had some fantastic testers for my itty bitty pattern.

**Editing. The pattern is no longer available. After I posted I was scrolling through pinterest and came upon something that was just way too similar. So if you’d like to still have the pattern, the other blogger is also having them on her blog for free: Little Birdie Secrets


HodgePodge Crochet

Just in time for the month of love comes a plethora of patterns ripe for the crocheting!!

Wrapped In Love Slouch Pattern by From Home :: Valentine Roundup :: From Home

Crazy Little Thing Called Love by MumblesMummy :: Valentine Roundup :: Mumbles Mummy

Lovey Dovey Valentine Hat Crochet Pattern by Illumikniti Designs :: Valentine Roundup :: illumikniti designs

Mom Tattoo Hat Pattern by Whimsical Warmth :: Valentine Roundup :: Whimsical Warmth

Shabby Chic Twine Heart Pattern by Keep Calm and Crochet On UK :: Valentine Roundup :: Keep Calm and Crochet On UK

Monkey Lovey Pattern pattern by Blankies by Jackie :: Valentine Roundup :: Blankets by Jackie

Chasing Hearts Ear Warmer Pattern by Crazy Hookers Crochet Creations :: Valentine Roundup :: Crazy Hookers Crochet Creations

Little Love Bear Pattern by Gramma Beans :: Valentine Roundup :: Gramma Beans

Valentines Day Buttoned Love Headband by Simply Knots :: Valentine Roundup :: Simply Knots

Valentines Day Buttoned Heart Boot Cuff Pattern by Simply Knots :: Valentine Roundup :: Simply Knots

Valentines Day Buttoned Heart Headband Pattern by Simply Knots :: Valentine Roundup :: Simply Knots

Valentine Hug Buddies pattern by Daughterofanace :: Valentine Roundup :: Daughterofanace Craft and Crochet

Black Dahlia Cloche by KrissysWonders :: Valentine Roundup :: KrissysWonders

Miss Momma Cat Pattern by Silverdragon Crafts & Critters :: Valentine Roundup :: Silverdragon Crafts & Critters

My Valentine Beanie Pattern…

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a bit late…

Happy New year. I may be late, but I get there eventually.

I’ve been busy hooking and yarn winding and posting to Facebook. Let’s be real though, unless I have moneys to sink into advertising, that is an exercise in futility.

This post may be photo heavy, so beware…

Hubby got a yarn baller for me at Christmas. I love it. All of my skeins are becoming cakes! And who doesn’t love cake? Well, we will not talk about my oddball 12-year-old young man.. our kid doesn’t know what’s good for him. Cake.

Forgive the table mess.


Aren’t they gorgeous cakes?!?!

I was also able to take part in another amigurumi exchange with The Crafty Geekette (she dyes and spins yarn too!)! It’s always so fun and we have a variety of levels of ami artists participating this one is her one year anniversary exchange.
Would you like to see what I made?  I don’t think my giftee follows my blog. The pattern for this is a Lalylala ( <– Ravelry shop, this is her blog) pattern for the kangaroo. My crazies wanted to keep her, but she is sitting in customs in England right now. I hope that she is released soon!










I have also tested 3 patterns, one for my friend Amber at Knotted Notions– her free pattern “My Valentine Beanie” I’ll need to take good pic of that one for you.
The other 2 were for my loverly friend at The Crafty Geekette. First was her “Little Lovely’s Leggings“. And the other was her Wittle White Rabbit– mine is obviously NOT White.













And last but not least is my unfinished for me project! (Didn’t I tell you there would be a LOT of pictures?)

This is Sincerely Pam‘s ( <– ravelry shop, this is the blogButterfly Breeze Poncho! I’m not done with it.. but here it is so far!


Today, I just wanted to START blogging again so I can get in the habit! I’ll blog more about those patterns and what I really like about all of them. I love finding and getting to know designers that put out well written patterns!
I also am learning lots of new craftiness like spinning YARN!!