Introducing Sean The Dump Truck

I am very pleased to announce my very first amigurumi pattern! Sean The Dump Truck. Right now, he is on sale for 40% off! You just need the coupon code: ITSLIVE

I, of course, am so very excited about this pattern and that I hope that you all like it. The pattern design journey has started off a bit rocky. So why not put all of that in a dump truck and haul it off?

A few weeks ago, my sister in law announced my nephew’s first birthday party. *sad face* I can’t believe he is one! She posted the ol’ facebook event invite and the theme: Construction. How cute is that? What little guy doesn’t like trucks and dirt? I made a joke about him needing a birthday hat- and it was on! She got excited and said that he needed a construction hat from Aunt Chan Chan! So the hunt began. We found an adorable hat by Micah York– it’s super duper easy- I made him 2 so that I was sure he’d get the right size. 🙂 Then I found this little tool belt set by My Sweet Potato 3 . I thought to myself that this was a good start! We need a truck! So I look… and look… and look. There are many appliques that are adorable! What little guy wants to play with an applique? I look some more. Thought to myself, “Can I REALLY do this?”

Yall know that I have tried to design simple things… my “mystery” pattern is still sitting on the end table right next to me. Hubby is asking if I really am going to finish it- I AM! I promise. So I was really concerned about walking the road from start to finish! I get distracted so easily! (cough “mystery pattern”?!?) I am seriously like Doug from Up? That annoying little dog that hollers “SQUIRREL”?! Yeah, I think there are times when I need a cone of shame!




Oh hi! Where was I? I was thinking about Up and how sad that movie makes me!

Ya know- little man REALLY needs a truck to play with! Something that can be tossed in the wash! Something that fits a 1-year-old little guy. Something that screams, “Aunt Chan Chan loves you and is thinking about you!” So I got on it. He just came! He just arrived. He wanted to be found in Yarn and hooks and safety eyes and polyfil! He just came! So I wrote the pattern down. Was it garbage? I don’t know? Was it going to make sense? HA! I rarely make sense!

TESTERS! Oh my goodness! I have some of the best crocheting friends all over the world! A group of crocheters that will- most of the time 😉 – Show up for you, in a crochet sort of way. I doubt my Aussie crochet pals will just show up on my door step! They’d be welcome though! So I had a few awesome gals help to test this pattern and see if I was coherent. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Oh, friends and readers! That first draft- it was BAD! I rewrote it and they waited for me! They were amazing! Awesome women. lemme tell you! They worked and worked. They caught my errors. We have a final and fun pattern. I hope that  you all like him too!

After all of you reading my humongous monologue.. would you like to see him? And a pic of the other goodies I made my little buddy?
Sean the Dump Truck front Sean The Dump Truck IMG_20150303_134017 IMG_20150301_165556_kindlephoto-62426207 IMG_20150301_165602_kindlephoto-62405107


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