Is there such thing as TOO much crafty?

So in my hiatus (happens often, doesn’t it?) I’ve been keeping up the crafty. Have you?

I’ve tested a few more patterns. But the most exciting thing for me is finding my designing love! I shared with you way back in November- or December, I think- my little lab that I designed. Now that is in my mind.. I need to get that written down! Well, I am now designing something that will be fantastic and it will be a #free pattern. Are you excited? I am. I can’t tell you what it is though. But would you like to see a sneaky peak? I can guarantee that you will never in a million billion years guess what this baby is. So without further delay!!!IMG_20150221_095813IMG_20150221_095807

What do you think? Can you from this little ol’ head guess what he or she will be?

The other thing that I have been working on are some headbands for the crazy girl.

The first is a brown 3 strand headband with a light purple rosette. The other is a single strand black band with a light pink rosette. She was loving them. It’s perfect for any little girl! Message me on my facebook page– these are just $5. no shipping cost! WHAT?!



This one though, is my favorite:


This one I designed the little butterfly! I did not design the headband. I’m really excited about it. Here are some pics of other butterflies that I have made from my pattern.

This headband is $8. also no shipping 😉IMG_20150226_103151 (1)

I think there will be more designs flowing out of my head. I’m just not sure how often. This one was a lot of fun and I had some fantastic testers for my itty bitty pattern.

**Editing. The pattern is no longer available. After I posted I was scrolling through pinterest and came upon something that was just way too similar. So if you’d like to still have the pattern, the other blogger is also having them on her blog for free: Little Birdie Secrets


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