a bit late…

Happy New year. I may be late, but I get there eventually.

I’ve been busy hooking and yarn winding and posting to Facebook. Let’s be real though, unless I have moneys to sink into advertising, that is an exercise in futility.

This post may be photo heavy, so beware…

Hubby got a yarn baller for me at Christmas. I love it. All of my skeins are becoming cakes! And who doesn’t love cake? Well, we will not talk about my oddball 12-year-old young man.. our kid doesn’t know what’s good for him. Cake.

Forgive the table mess.


Aren’t they gorgeous cakes?!?!

I was also able to take part in another amigurumi exchange with The Crafty Geekette (she dyes and spins yarn too!)! It’s always so fun and we have a variety of levels of ami artists participating this one is her one year anniversary exchange.
Would you like to see what I made?  I don’t think my giftee follows my blog. The pattern for this is a Lalylala ( <– Ravelry shop, this is her blog) pattern for the kangaroo. My crazies wanted to keep her, but she is sitting in customs in England right now. I hope that she is released soon!










I have also tested 3 patterns, one for my friend Amber at Knotted Notions– her free pattern “My Valentine Beanie” I’ll need to take good pic of that one for you.
The other 2 were for my loverly friend at The Crafty Geekette. First was her “Little Lovely’s Leggings“. And the other was her Wittle White Rabbit– mine is obviously NOT White.













And last but not least is my unfinished for me project! (Didn’t I tell you there would be a LOT of pictures?)

This is Sincerely Pam‘s ( <– ravelry shop, this is the blogButterfly Breeze Poncho! I’m not done with it.. but here it is so far!


Today, I just wanted to START blogging again so I can get in the habit! I’ll blog more about those patterns and what I really like about all of them. I love finding and getting to know designers that put out well written patterns!
I also am learning lots of new craftiness like spinning YARN!!


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