They say confession is good for the soul

Since my last post I have been CONSUMED with crafty. I’m sure I’ve done average run of the mill crafts.. maybe that’s being generous! I am having fun playing. Though, I’m trying to be a business, I can’t really call this work… it wouldn’t be honest 😉

I have played with 2 frames, I have played with a jar. I have played with paint and mod podge! I have even brought out my dusty sewing machine! Then of course, one must NEVER neglect hook and yarn.

The frames are both painted. One is with a Christmas theme.. or winter. The second was made with a little girl and her room in mind. I may have a hard time selling the girls frame. I brought it into my crazy girls room and it looks like it belongs there… not that she REALLY needs it. I am really so very proud of these. Would you like to see?
IMG_20141102_130640 IMG_20141102_130102 IMG_20141102_130052

















Here is the winter theme:

IMG_20141031_162629 IMG_20141031_162600 IMG_20141031_161040





















I loved playing with my paints!

Then you should have seen my with the jar. I had it planned out to do the leaf and mod podge thing that you’ve seen on pinterest. They SAY that you can use REAL leaves.. but lemme tell you! If they can make the leaves curve around the jar, then they are craftier than I am. I was COVERED in mod podge. The leaves were covered in mod podge. The jar was covered in mod podge. I was sticking to the leaves. The leaves were sticking to me. I was sticking to the jar. The jar was quite attached to me… the things that wouldn’t stick to each other were the things I wanted to stick together… all of that seems hard to follow. So to clarify, the leaves would NOT cooperate. So I had a jar with mod podge and I wanted to do something with it… but what? WHAT CAN I DO? I wanted to throw it across the room. I stared at that jar and my hands. Finally, I went in and grabbed some orange, yellow and red construction paper and cut it into pieces. What do you think? Do you like it? I’m not sure about listing it.

IMG_20141031_144137 (1)













And a lil shout out  about a custom purchase. A man’s football helmet beanie. I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out! And the man modeling it… well, I’m kinda partial to him as well.













AND last but not least. I’m part of a giveaway! My new facebook page is Chan Chan’s Crafty Corner It starts on 11-3. It’s going to be lots of fun. So swing on over!


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