Tell me what you think

I’ve been kind of struggling with where to take my business. I’m still crocheting, but have been playing with other crafty mediums. I love crafting and playing with all things. I *think* I have a talent.

Here are the things running through my head. (disjointed thoughts to come. I’ll try to fix it.)

#1- I think all crafters ask themselves this- am I good enough? Is my stuff WORTH selling? Is there a market for my projects?

#2- I’ve been wanting to rebrand. Chan Chan’s Crafty Corner? I like it what do you think? Is the work involved in rebranding WORTH it? Would it help or change anything?

#3- Do I have what it takes? Am I capable of making this work?

I’m not trying to have a pity party or demand that you all give me all sorts of validation- but I won’t stop you either. I am just wrestling with these things and not really SURE where to go with it. How to do this. So if you have any advice or thoughts, please let me know. Even if you think I should close the doors. I’ll cry for a bit, but I’m a big girl. I’ll get over it.


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