Spot light number 5

Did you guys know that I am such a big fan of a particular BBC sci-fi long running series? This particular series has been running since before I was born.. I know, I know it’s not like I am THAT old. I have shared plans with you about writing up my own little TARDIS pattern- I’m still working on it… but enough about me.

Our next designer spot light just released something that is inspired by my favorite show. In a group we are both in she shared some teasers for WEEEEEEEEEEKS! I was unable to test it… I really need to hint to her a little more clearly (Maybe this?) that I would LOVE to test for her! Like ALWAYS! So she’d post a picture of it and it’s release date and myself and many others would DROOL! And we even tried to convince her that she slept through a week and it was time to release this beauty! No luck. Somehow she was on to us?!

So we waited like impatient little children.. as though Christmas had come early and we were waiting to see if Santa was going to give us that ONE thing that we asked for. Do you know that feeling? Well, I wanted it so bad that as soon as she announced it was up and ready I was there on Ravelry purchasing both it and it’s lovey counterpart! I didn’t wait to see if she’d do a giveaway as many designers I know will do once a pattern is released! NO! I was not going to wait on chance! I was willing to PAY! I was willing to pay yesterday!

So I’ve chatted enough and haven’t even told you who she is! Today’s spotlight goes to……… drum roll please (or tap on your desk or laps) Silver Dragon Crafts and Critters! Who knew the designer I was talking about? Did you know who it was before I even said it? Yeah, well, me too! 🙂

So I made up this gal very quickly and loved it… my only problem is…. I don’t ever want to be rid of her… I can’t blink! I can’t take my eyes away from her! She takes me back in time to the first time I was exposed to her kind in the episode “Don’t Blink”. It’s amazing and fantastic! I think it’s even a top favorite over my Olaf the other day!!

So whether you want me to make you one, or you make it yourself! This gal is a must have! Honestly! Why don’t you have one yet?

Go tell her hello and maybe even that I sent you to her? Her facebook page is linked up there. Visit her blog or swing by Ravelry. Let’s give her some luv? yes?

And we can’t be done unless I share with you a pic of my lil weepy doll! (I forgot her wings!!! So I’m going to have to fix that!)

weepy angel 3 weepy angel 1 weepy angel 2


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