Spot Light number 4

Hello!!! Spot light number 4 took a little bit longer to get to because I was in the middle of a test for this designer. Can I tell you that I just love her! Do you like Amigurumi? Do you like hats? gloves? Clothes? This designer has done it ALL. She even has knit patterns! So much yarny fun!

Spotlight number 4 goes to…. drum roll please… Amber over at Knotted Notions! (fb link) Have you heard of her? She is so fun to test for! She loves what she does and you can tell. She is sassy, brassy, and yes, even classy! She puts so much creativity and fun into her designs and did I mention that she does EVERYTHING?!

I have loved getting to know her and working on her brand new release the Mommy Dolly (Link to pattern). It is a fantastic doll that stands about 8″ tall and has an adorable baby. I love it! I am gifting this first set to my niece.  I was so honored to be chosen to test this doll. The baby is the smallest thing I have ever made!

The thing that I think I loved the most is unlike most amigurumi, there was little sewing and attaching. The pattern was so unique and just a breeze to make!  I need a little more practice with Ami hair though 🙂 I feel like I flopped on the hair. Just dont’ tell anyone, k?

I also have the Sammy Doll pattern, but have yet to make her. As well as her doll clothing line. If you like making Ami or want to start up this is a great doll to start with… or one of the many varieties! There is a peacock, an angel, and so many others. I’ll provide a rav link at the bottom!

Knotted Notions also has some fab blankets. I seriously need to work on these. My 2 favorites (because you can’t have too many?!) are the Kaleidoscope Blanket and the Summer Breeze Baby blanket. And so many other fantastic patterns that this would be SO very long.

So fellow hook wielding friends, go say “HI” and give her some love! She has something for EVERYONE! If you don’t know how to hook and would just rather pay someone else to do the work… hit me up!

Knotted Notions on Ravelry
Knotted Notions on Pinterest

Mommy dolly 1 Mommy Dolly 2 Mommy Dolly 3


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