Spotlight number 2

So many fantastic designers to chose from. I knew the first one right off the top of my head. So who’s next, huh?

So our next spotlight post goes tooo………. I have no flip floppin’ idea! HEY!! That gave me an idea! Snappy Tots! Snappy Tot’s newest pattern the Flip-flop Bag (click for pattern) is what is on my hook RIGHT NOW!

Have you used any Snappy patterns? Lemme tell you! They are ALL fantastic! Ya know, I don’t even remember HOW in the world I found them. I know it was on facebook (This link will take you right to her page) Snappy Tot’s patterns were my first ever purchased patterns! Ahh, memories.

I just love the creativity and fun that Snappy Tots gives all it’s patterns. I have yet to test for her, but one day… maybe. A girl can dream!

As I was looking (erhm… stalking?) Snappy’s facebook, and blog, and Ravelry shop, I realized that Snappy has 300+ patterns! I haven’t even made a dent into that?! How am I so behind? I need to rectify this! Soon!

Snappy is also one of those designers that loves and appreciates her customers. She is always having some sort of giveaway or coupon to get a pattern or a combo.. I believe that she has one up for buy 10 patterns for something discount all year long! Talk about awesome! I’m going to make you hunt her page for that one.. can’t make it too easy for you!

Do you want to know something EVEN more awesome? Right now, she is having a giveaway! —> Click here to be redirected to the giveaway. I really want to win this one! She’s giving away Furls hooks! 😮 Seriously, go enter… it’s almost over!

So to find Snappy’s blog and facebook click on the links up there. It’s totally safe! Promise! Swing by and show her some love.

Snappy on Twitter
nappy on Pinterest

I don’t have a picture of the flip flop bag yet, but I do have other things I have made from her patterns. I also have a lot of her patterns that I haven’t made yet.


Cutie pie bands pattern


option from the build a monster- My first purchased pattern.


The build a monster (my first purchased pattern.









cutie pie bands

cutie pie bands


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