How shameful! Since Thanksgiving, I have been focused on family and researching products that I did not come and visit with you guys. I’ve been trying to think of where I wanted to go in 2014. The spring is coming (later rather than sooner! But still!) None of us are going to be wearing our fantastic made by ChanChan winter hats! Not even ME! The kids will remove their AngryBirds and TMNT hats, the little owls will be packed away. Honestly, some will grow out of them by next year and so where will these guys go? Goodwill. Salvation Army. You know the drill.

So do you want to know what I’ll be adding? I’m super excited! JEWELRY! Easter baskets and bonnets and hats! I’m excited. I’m working on some scarfs as well. I’ve done some infinity scarfs and will be moving to lightweight cute ones as well.

Would you like to see a few of the necklaces? Pink Ladder Everlasting Wreaths 2K giveaway



So I really love these! They are so lightweight. I almost don’t want to sell them. 😉

I’ve got some work to do and a possible craft fair in April. I’m almost certain that I WILL go, but it’s going to be quite an expense. That is my biggest issue. So anyone willing to help pay for it? 😉 Head on over to Etsy and order a necklace. For you, I’ll throw the earrings in free!
There seems like something else I was going to tell you! Oh well, it’s a good reason to come back, right? 🙂


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