Black Friday

WOW!  I have had so much fun today. Not as a consumer… maybe after I start making some good profits? As a small business type person, what a blast. 🙂 On my facebook page, we did riddles for coupon’s and shipping and stuff. All Christmas type riddles. There are a few that have not been snatched, so feel free to go look and answer.

I know, I have been a terrible correspondent. Broken promises have been the theme. I am so sorry. Forgiven? Good! *phew*

I did a craft fair last Saturday. It was fun. The crazy girl and I went and spent the day. It was freezing! We were in a gym, but it did not get above 25 all day. My name is getting out there.

I don’t have a fair tomorrow, but I do have one next week. I’m going to deck that book with boughs of holly! 🙂 Well, crocheted ones!  I finished an amigurumi snow man tonight. He’s so cute. 🙂 Now, I am working on a stocking! EEee! All red, white, and green with a pretty Holly doo-hicky!

When I find my camera, I’ll share pics with you. I also have a Hello Kitty hat and a Minecraft hat to share…. when I find that camera.

Perfect Christmas gifts. *hint hint hint*


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