Nov 19- also known as today, but will soon be yesterday.

*Phew* Well, it has been busy. I haven’t picked up the yarn and hook in a few days. I did manage to crochet a pink #AngryBirds hat. She is cute, but I am a tad biased. I also have a #MarioBro’s Mushroom WIP sitting on the end table. It has some ends to weave in and it requires felt for the eyes. Another shopping trip? I like the sound of that.

So, I left off last week with my in-laws in and out trip. I’m still trying to organize and get everything in tip top shape. Mom gave me lot’s o’ crafty goodness- just no felt 😉 Lot’s of stuff for Polymer clay– maybe I should make buttons! OOOOH! No, shopping for me! WHY in the WORLD did I not think of this days ago! I’m sure my hubby is going to love the mess I am going to make today!

Now, I am so excited! I’m going to make that little Toadstool button eyes! I could just… just… WOWZERS!

I know, you guys think that I have lost it. Maybe I have. Button eyes! I wonder if I can do it or if I’ll show you a picture of my wonky, misshapen evil-looking eyes. Fun, huh?

Where was I? So Mom gave me the oven, tools, clay (I already had some), presses, and all sorts of things. Some things that I don’t even know what they do yet!

Why am I still talking to you? Catch up with my Thankfuls:

Day 14- I’m thankful for quick dinners- I have needed them lately.
Day 15- I’m thankful for laptop plugs, even though, mine had been neglected so long- which is why I was really out of touch.
Day 16- I am thankful for a hardworking hubby.
Day 17- I am thankful for Migraine meds- I normally don’t have more than 1 a month, but this month has “blessed” me with 2.
Day 18- I am thankful for Aldi- our grocery bill has been much lower since we began shopping there again.
Day 19- I’m thankful for quiet time. All 4 crazies are either napping or resting/reading right now, giving us all some needed chill time.

** Don’t forget to maybe get your Christmas orders in soon. 🙂 Christmas is just about a month away! 🙂


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