It’s been too long, schweet-heart

Oh boy! It’s been busy since the birthday/anniversary day. (And Christmas is coming– have you checked out the store? Links on the left.)

I’m stuck on my little elf hat that I started. So he is in timeout until further notice. The hat is done, I am trying to work out the ears. I’m just not sure where I want it to go. No vision= Big problems.

So, I moved on. I am now working on a Green Mushroom from Mario Bro’s. I think I’ll have a Red, Yellow, and Pink version of Toadstool. Cool? I think so.

I know we are in the NoBloPoMo, but this week, I’ll be more miss than hit- as I have proven thus far. Tomorrow my Mom and Dad in law are coming in and we’ll be spending some time with them.

I’m also several behind on my “thankful” posts, so I’ll sorta play catch up… (do you fb? They are all there, and I’d like to chit-chat more, I feel like I am just writing “dear diary” here and sharing it all with you 😉 )

Day 10- Thankful for my marriage and husband. He is just amazing! TWELVE years!!!
Day 11-  I’m thankful foe those past and present who have served this country. For their willingness to serve and protect. I’m thankful for their families, they stay home and support their loved ones. They stand quietly waiting. You all our my heroes.
Day 12- I’m thankful for the little things, like heaters, and blankets, and hoodies.
Day 13- I’m thankful for bedtime. Today was a LONG day. 🙂


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