This week has gone SO very quickly for me? How’s it going for you? Really this entire year seems to have just zipped by. I blinked and it’s time for our 12th anniversary. Which we share with our son’s birthday, did I tell you that?  He’ll be 11 on Sunday. Makes for a very busy day most days and on Sundays- PHEW! So normally we just toss cards at each other and scream an “I love you” as we are getting everything together. WELL, it really isn’t that bad.

Today, my husband called me into our room and told me that he’d like to give me my anniversary gift early. OOOOH YAY! I love it! When it comes to Christmas and birthday’s, I get as excited as our children. We don’t always exchange gifts for our anniversary- it’s not really about that. My husband though, is amazing and tries to always do a little something.

So, I rambled a bit.

I go into the room and there on our bed is a BIG box. I called him a brat and a stinker and giggled the entire time. I pull out the yarnology yarn tote that has wheels and can be used as a backpack. I’ll use it more often with the wheels than the backpack. I didn’t even use one when I was in school 😉 But I LOVE this bag. I love my man. 🙂 It could uses a place to properly place hooks and notions rather than the 2 deep pockets, but on the plus side, it has 2 deep pockets.

It’s been a fantastic day. We were able to get a few moments to say, “happy anniversary” to each other. Tomorrow we will celebrate our son’s 11th birthday. We got him some board games- he and my hubs have become gamers, but not of a virtual variety. We will also be cookin’ up some catfish, ocra, fries, green beans, and rolls. You’d think he was born in the deep south rather than in Missouri.

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to post tomorrow. I’ll try though. I was able to on our girls birthday on Tuesday. So maybe it’ll be a late night post as that was.

OH! And I finished the Red Bird and the black bird:


Thankful Day 8- I’m thankful for Yarnology. I’m really lovin’ their hooks and products.


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