Crazy baby girls birthday

Well, I’ve been talking for a week about making a post about my girl. Now that the days here, I don’t think I will take the time right this second. Maybe tomorrow. We’re having too much fun today for me to take up too much time on the ‘puter. I also have a cake to make and decorate and taco’s to cook as well. 🙂 It’s her choice for dinner.

Here’s a little pic I made up though.
Abby birthday

Chan Chans Thankful November Day 5: I’m thankful for my Abby. 9 years ago at 4 in the morning she was born. She was wide awake and talkin’ to her daddy while I slept. Around 7, I woke up to a friend of ours holding her She is so sassy and funny. I was telling Cory at lunch yesterday that in many ways she is more girlie than I am. Much more! Then we were watching the Packer game last night and she dropped the girlie and tomboy came out.. I get into it, but she was grunting and “GET HIM!” made me laugh, she was “worse” than my mom She is such a conundrum and she cracks me up. Happy birthday, to my chicky-baby!


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