NaBloPoMO Day 4

oh my! I’m squeezing this one in, aren’t I? *phew*

Does anyone else find the challenge makes it MORE difficult to think of something to post? I think my rebellious side comes out and I think, “Don’t tell me I have to write!” But then I remember that I’ve enjoyed rambling on about crochet. My husband listens, but the sweet man just doesn’t get it.

So we went and did our weekly shopping. While we were out, I just had to stop at one of my favorite craft stores, Hobby Lobby! I was distracted for a bit by the 50% off Christmas and Thanksgiving and fall stuff. I need more orders made so I can SHOP! 😉 I let each of the crazies pic a new ornament for the year. I might have to make this a tradition. How fun would that be? Every year a new ornament to represent who they were each year? Then when they move out, grow up, and leave the nest and I cry because they can’t make it home (As we have done so tragically often- I hope that I’ll remember and be happy for them and know that it’s just what happens at times. It’s not that we don’t want to be with family- we really, really do! We just can’t always make it happen!) I’ll have these to remember, and then one year, I can give them to them. Maybe i should journal it? It sounds like a fantastical idea. I just thought of it RIGHT THIS SECOND! As I typed it, I came up with it. Yippeee.

So, after being so distracted, I went to my section. Yarn and hooks. I did not get hooks this time, but rather, I got some more hooks. Do you have a favorite type? I’ve been using the basic Boye brand. But my hands are always so very cold and the metal handle makes my hands ICE up! It’s painful. I’ll be honest, sometimes I’d sit on them to warm them up for my hands. I finally discovered yarnology’s hooks. They are basically the Boye brand with a wood handle (or faux wood, I don’t care what it is!) Since my poor circulatory and heat challenged hands have found these hooks, I can CROCHET all day! My hands still get cold, but they do not freeze up and hurt.

Do you have a favorite crafty tool? What is it? Please share. 🙂


Thankful Day 4: On my personal fb page, I shared that I was thankful for my church. We are not a perfect group. I thank God for them and what we will do for Him together. 🙂


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