Kansas Fall= California Winter

oh boy! oh boy! I am so very, very cold! Shivering! It’s only 65 in the house, it’s not really “Cold”; however, I am freeeeezing. My legs are cold, my fingers are icicles, I am even shivering. I jokingly say, “My California is showing” when I get cold. It’s only 53 outside.

If I were still in California, this would be our December. Brrr! I think I might have to make myself a pair of fingerless gloves. I’ve tried to crochet with my isotoner gloves… but I can’t feel the yarn.

I have been working on a pair of fingerless gloves from a pattern from Mamachee Crochet: https://www.etsy.com/listing/160618285/instant-download-crochet-pattern?ref=shop_home_active I’m not going to share Tara’s pic, but you guys! It is amazing. I am loving it. Here is the beginning of one: (Forgive the chunky hand 😉 )Image

It is a great pattern I am loving it. I put it aside for 2 more aviator hats? Would you mayhaps like to see that? Image

I let the little guy that it’s made for try it on and he lit up brighter than a Christmas tree. I would have shared a pic of that, but understandably, Mom would not care for his pic shared with the cosmo’s. Let me just say, it was adorable. I’m making a matching hat for his older brother and he’ll have a green band on the goggle portion.

Have I ever told you that crochet is a BLAST? The creativity can know no bounds! So exciting.

Here’s my Day 3: I’m thankful for friends. Old friends that I don’t talk to all the time, and new friends. I’m thankful for those friends who’ve walked with me and been open and honest with me. I’m thankful for these friends who’ve loved me and stood by me, even when I’ve not been my best. I’m sad for the gap in time and miles that separate us.


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