Well, this is my first. I’ve been doing fairly well, the last month to post everyday, until yesterday. I just didn’t take the time. So I am going to take the challenge.

I think that I’ll end each post with a little blurb on something I am thankful for. It’s something that I do every year in my own life, so I’ll share with you. I just want to preface that my faith is very important to me, so that will be in each of them. My “I’m thankful” has an object, I’m thankful TO GOD. 🙂

I sent out a package today. I’m so excited. I think 2 little guys are going to have a blast with this package for Christmas.

I am one of those crazy Christmas people. One that really could just leap over Halloween and quite possibly Thanksgiving and right to Christmas. Though, I enjoy Thanksgiving and try not to ignore it.

So what is Chan Chan Crocheting today? A few days ago, I finished the little blue bird hat from Angry Birds (one of the hats in the package) and now I am doing the Yellow bird. I know it’s not as popular as the black bomb bird or a few of the others, but I thought he’d be fun to make. I’ve seen some hats out there, but they are all round and other than being yellow not drastically different from the others. SO my yellow bird has a pointed head. We’ll see how it goes, yes?

What’s on your hook? Or needles? Or other crafting type tools? What are you up too?


Todays Thankful share.

Day 1:  I am thankful for… well… if you were walking in my lack of shoes… I’m thankful for the ability to feel. The ability to feel pain in my extremities and for it to go away (I stepped on a toy). This is a “big” thing to me with my dad’s back and his problems right now. I guess, I’ll go for 2 today (I hope this doesn’t bite me around the 27th of the month) I’m thankful for my Dad. That even though he hurts so much most of the time, he is a smiley, joking, happy person content that God is going to take care of him. Not to say that magically makes it all better, but Faith in the One True God, can give peace and joy even during a difficult and painful (emotional or physical) time in our lives.


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