well, well, well.

Last night, just before I went to bed, I typed out a post and posted it. I woke up this morning and it was gone! Yup, G-O-N-E. First mistake, trying to get it out when I was tired. Second mistake, typing it up on my Kindle. Or maybe combined was the mistake? Oh well.

Yesterday was a dreary day. And that has blended into today, which will continue into tomorrow if the weather fortune tellers are right.

SO recap of last nights post: I was tired. I dropped off 4 little owls to Elsie Graces Gift Shoppe. I began working on an angry bird beanie. I was tired. I messed up the hat 3 times. I was disappointed. I promised a photo spread today.

Ya know, I am not too sad about the post disappearing outside of the time that now feels wasted It might not have been as coherent as I was hoping.

Today, I am still having a hard time with my hat. I think I began it wrong. I think I’m just going to toss it and start all over. Should I take the time to rip it all out? I’m so torn! I spent a lot of time on this. What would you do?

Here are the little owls. Aren’t they adorable. Elsie Grace’s proprietress said: “These will sell!” That was so exciting to hear!




















Don’t forget to check out ChanChansCrochet on Etsy. I’m taking Christmas orders now. 🙂


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