How has your weekend been? I have not done much crocheting. On Saturday, we helped some friends move. I am that crazy kind of person that enjoys moving. There is something fresh and fun about setting up again, starting all over. I’d be a great military wife— except I enjoy being married to my man and would not like him being gone so long! You with the spouse in the military! YOU ARE AMAZING! I enjoy being so spoiled that my hubby’s work is literally right next door! I’m needy that way, I guess. 

So we helped them move and then we went home and enjoyed being a family. Ya know? Of course today is Sunday! We went to church- twice 😉 Morning and evening. Fit in some football… how about them Packers tonight? That was a GAME and a half! 

I kinda enjoy me some sports.

I did squeeze a bit of crocheting in today, but only a few rows. sadness. 

And look at me now!? Chatting with you and rambling on when I could be putting my hands to work with a hook and yarn. I’m so funny… and I’m not talking about my looks this time. 

What’s on my hook? More owls. HA! or should I say, “hooo”? I will be making those for a bit. Order up and all that. 🙂 

Well, I should back to work. Hi, ho, hi, ho, it’s off to work I go— on my own hours whooo-hooooo! 😉


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