It is official!

Well, I swung by the store I mentioned in the last post, and we are going to do it! She will be carrying my little Owls! If you would like to see the store: I just loves this store! Not just because Nan is going to be carrying my Owls, but because she has some magically amazing and fun stuff! I so could, really get lost in there for hours. I could go in debt! Yikes, right?!

I’m going to work on some fingerless gloves to match them. Like I shared, I really did not think that I’d like doing the owls, but it is so much fun to make them. If you would like to make them yourself, Repeat Crafter Me has the pattern free… would you like? Ok, I share. The pattern is not just for babies, it has all the way up to BIG grown up heads. I think she has some fun stuff and this isn’t the first time that I have used a pattern from Repeat.

I’m thinking about how to celebrate. But I’m not sure.

About the owls, even my boys like them and have asked if I’d work up a “boys” version. They aren’t so much into the purples, pinks, and whites. Would you like to see??? Ok, here ya go! 🙂



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