Monday’s musings

Monday. The first day of the work part of the week. Clear as mud?
I had a busy day. Yet, I got some crochet in. YAY.
Did I tell you that I finished the Teenage Mutant Ninjas Turtle matching wrist Warmers… fingerless gloves? My twins LOVE them. I have 2 more sets to make. They are FAB! I’m writing the patterns and when I get all the variations set, I’ll post it on Ravelry, deal?
I also have the Dr Who Christmas ornament pattern written up, but I need to finish crocheting a side and the top and bottom. Big thank you to fellow blogger stitches’n’ scraps for the fantastic idea!
The ereader slip cover, seems to be a great idea- if only because I keep getting MORE ideas bouncing around. I’ve had to write them down so that I don’t forget.
Big plans this week: clean the house! Must needs be done! And finish TARDIS. Crochet and write out the pattern for ereader slip covers. Publish the patterns I complete on Ravelry. And finally list any and all finished slip covers.
Tonight, finish Doctor Who, “The Doctor Dances” episode. Crochet for a few more minutes, then sleep perchance to dream… of more crochety type ideas?


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