Updates on things and stuff

I am still working on the pattern for the Dr Who TARDIS ornament. I am really excited about how well it is going. My only hiccup-suggestions welcome!- is trying to figure out HOW to work the roof and light. I do not want to ignore that, I think it is pretty much a needed part of the TARDIS construct.

I am concerned with keeping it angular. I don’t want it to become softened and rounded. I do not want the light to look cylindrical nor do I want the roof to appear as flat an American payphone booth. (Do you all know what that is? 😉 I’m not THAT old!) The light gives it – something! character? Would it BE the TARDIS without the slightly sloped roof and flashy light? I dunno.

On another note, I have completed the candy striped Imagebeanie–>

I am also working on a
Minecraft creeper Kindle Fire slip cover and some other fun versions of it- my Kindle is going to be the best dressed out there!

I have some other ideas bouncing around and making all sorts of racket in my otherwise hollow noggin. I don’t want to let all of these little kitties out of the bag toooo quickly!? If I did that, why would you come back?


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