Strike when the iron’s hot!

Wanna know something? I would guess that you do because you are here and reading my ramblings. Well, I really just find myself hilarious and so, well, wishy-washy? That’s not the right word. 

Ok, here is what I am getting at- rather poorly! Last night, I shared that I was lacking inspiration! My “want to” was broken and I could not get a round tuit! (Do you know what that is? When someone always says, “When I get around to it, I’ll do this or that” Well, there was a round wooden or plastic coin thing that you could give that person called a “Round tuit” that way they have one and can finally do what it was they were putting off, get it?) Well, that drive was in park. 😉 I had things to crochet and make and be crafty with. Yet, I stared at my yarn as though it grew a big nasty “don’t touch me” head. 

Today, totally different story! I have so many idea’s and I can NOT possible do it all. More idea’s for slip covers for our fantastic ereaders! Beanies! gloves! My brain was on pause last night and has jumped to fast forward today. I can’t keep up. 

It is rather exciting. Wading through the mass amount of creative flow and trying to pick out what to make and trying not to ignore the thing I forced myself to work on when my inspiration was broken. 

I must get a paper and pencil or pen and write it all down. 🙂 TTFN


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