Do you get in slumps? Does your creativity ever wain? What do you do? 

Sometimes, I think a break is needed. Put the hooks down and walk away. Breathe. Right? Well, I am learning that I need to focus right now. Burnout is not a great idea when Christmas is around the corner. 

ok, I know some of you are thinking, “This chick is cray! She just started this whole thing a month ago!?” Don’t forget that the blog and biz (What I call my B&B– though a REAL B&B sounds fantastic) are new, but me and crochet have been buds for a while. 

So here is my plan, this just might be what can get the juices flowing and relieve my- forgive the crassness- creative constipation. I’m going to sit on pinterest. I’m going to find that magical pattern. If I don’t find anything there, I’ll search on Ravelry. I’ll browse and examine. THEN if that doesn’t help me, I’ll look up a new stitch- or “new to me” stitch. 

What do you do? Where do you go, when you know your flow is there, it is just blocked up and wanting a time out? How do you get your groove back?


One thought on “Inspiration?

  1. I visit other bloggers, go to pinterest, ravelry, drops design…. and I have a huge collection of patterns. I think never in my life I will be able to do them all :-p

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