How crochet saved my waistline. (maybe a bit more serious)

No Joke! As you can tell from my little schpeels, I like getting creative. I like taking some basic things and making something fantastically amazing out of it. For a long time it was taking flour, sugar and other fabulous things and making delish, weight-adding, mouth-watering things. My pinterest pins were all about recipes. Yes, I LOVED the food, but it was being creative. Spending time turning flour, sugar, eggs,  cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate, a variety of chocolate chips- white chocolate, Andes, peanut butter, butterscotch, etc.

oh! When I learned how to make bread! Another door was opened. Adding yeast to the mix. Cinnamon rolls, donuts, sweet bread, pretzels,

Did you know that there are – like a bazillion different extracts?!!? Almond, vanilla, mint, licorice, strawberry, lemon, butter! This is by no means exhausting the variety of extracts! Always something else to discover and use.

Can you imagine how dangerous this is to a person that has NO fear of messing with a recipe? What would happen if I used the almond extract and added nutmeg and chocolate to my cinnamon rolls? Would anis be a good addition to  my snickerdoodles? I wonder what would happen if I added raspberry

quote 10-15

extract to my white-chocolate chip cookies? Raspberry, white chocolate chip cookies? Would they be good?! YES! Oh, yes! YES! Please, yes!! Again yes!

Well, lets say when you stay at home and spend a lot of time in the kitchen anyway- well, you want to try new things. This craving for creativity and variety did not end with desserts- or dinners were fair game as well.

Can you see that I had so much fun with baking, frying, cooking and other foody type things? It’s a blast! The only problem that I discovered is- SOMEONE HAS TO CONSUME IT! Usually, this girl, did not say NO. Did not even contemplate wrapping it up and sharing it with neighbors or our church family. Nope, I’d share with my kids and then it was my internal challenge to leave no crumb. No, I did not think that way, but looking back.. yeah. I didn’t sit down and take the platter and purposefully eat it all. I mindlessly grabbed a cookie or roll or whatever goodness was there as I walked by. Without even thinking it through, without thought, I came short of licking the plate clean.

it does seem like such a grotesque picture. I don’t know that in reality it LOOKED like my wordy picture there. It’s how I see it in my head. I did manage to finish it nonetheless.

About 3 or 4 years ago, my hubs and I “decided” (Not an easy explanation here, lots of back story) that it was time to begin our search for a church. Not just a church to attend, but for Hubs to be the Pastor. No small undertaking. We first spoke to a church in Hyder, Alaska- you know where that is, right? Well, neither did I. It is a beautiful little town. GORGEOUS! But rustic. It was time for betty-homemaker to learn some fabric or fiber magic to add to her culinary conquests.

Knitting was first. eh. I’d like to work it, but it’s just not connecting. I like the idea of waving the 2 little wands. It was then that I found Ms. Craftyminx! CROCHET.

Be still my heart! I can be creative. Colors, textures, THINGS! There are a bazillion different yaaarns (the flour, sugar, etc)! Hooks! As many different types and sizes- could these be the extracts? Hats, gloves, softees (amigurumi), blankets, baby cocoons! All of these fantastic things that can be made and shared and NOT CONSUMED.

Hats, gloves, scarves are my breads. 🙂 gloves are my cookies. Softees, blankets, cocoons, desserts. i can make loverly and fun things and my creative urges are completely satisfied.

I still cook and bake. I still enjoy my cinnamon rolls- cinnabon anyone? Yeah, that good! But I’m not making different things every day or every other day. 🙂

I am as serious as could be! Crochet saved my waistline- no, I’m not a skinny person by any means, but the expansion has been halted and I’ve been holding steady.


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