Cooking and Crochet- similar?

Do you have a go to pattern that you use? I have patterns- I don’t stop getting patterns. Just like I continuously collect recipes. I like to cook and bake. My family rarely goes out to eat. We’ve gone through periods where we haven’t gone out for 6 months? If not longer. I like to cook, but nothing ends up the same. I work the recipe according to the directions once- then never again.

I have come up with some delish meals… not to toot my own horn. Now, don’t ask my crazies, because they have entered this very picky stage and unless it is dessert or hotdogs- it is not up to snuff.

My hubs thinks that I am a bit crazy because I buy some patterns and then never stick to them. I tell him that this quirk is one of the reasons that he loves me. I buy cook books too. I end up setting them aside to collect dust.

My poor recipes and patterns are so neglected. Yet, I have learned so much from each of them. They are my dear friends, and occasionally I will pick one up, blow off the dust and use it again. Dear friends that can remain in my home… am I a fair weather friend? Yikes. I guess I only use them when I need them. It sounds shameful the longer I share.. I’ll stop now.

I just love both. I’m not willing to get into the restaurant biz. So mayhaps, I like crochet more? It is a ton easier on the waistline!

oooh! Tomorrows post!!! “How crochet saved my waistline!” I like it!


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