Crochet- my very own portable fun

Sundays are always busy for me. If you read my bio, you’d know that I am a pastor’s wife and that we have 4 crazies. I love it. Every once in a while, there is something that I need to go take care of, someone I need to help. It is what I love to be able to do MORE than crocheting, crafting, baking. If I can do something to make life a little easier for someone then I am set. It is not that I am such a wonderful person- like you, I am selfish. I like to have my way. I am sharing that because I do not want you to “saint” me. The good I do, is for God. Not me. 

With that said, it is one of the things, I love, LOVE about crocheting.

If I am called upon to sit with a lady in the hospital, I can take it along. I do not have to be rude, I crochet and talk and am able to still be “THERE” for them. I can sit in the waiting room and work away. I do not need the family to feel like they need to entertain me- there is nothing worse than being at the hospital and people sitting around needing you when YOU are supposed to be leaning on them. *jumping down from my soap box*

I can crochet when I take my kids to the park. It is so very portable. I can stick some hooks and yarn in my purse and go. Other than knitting, what other craft can you REALLY do that with? 

I can work AND play. What a blast! 🙂

Today, my goal- for crochet- is to finish up the pink and black fingerless gloves to match “The Kalli” ear warmers. When i finish it, I’ll share a pic with you. 

What is your favorite craft? What do you love about it? 


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