I’m “hooked”


I feel a little sheepish- and not just because I have this thing for yarn. My family and I went on a mini vacation, just a one night camping trip. I said that I was going to put aside the yarn and hooks, but when the kids wanted to play at the playground, and hubs was putting the tent up- well, what else was there to do? Yes, there was the dog, but he doesn’t NEED constant attention- not when he’s too busy watching the kids and/or squirrels! He hates squirrels. So I grabbed my “I” hook (aka- 9 or 5.5MM) and Caron simply soft black and Yarn Bee’s Ballgown. I didn’t put all of my attention on it, so I only finished 1, I am working on another now.

We really  had a fantastic time. Except for our oldest. He was helping Hubs with the tent and then went to try to collect some twigs and sticks for firestarter. He was introduced to some hornets- little ones, but they still pack a punch. We ran to the store for some Benadryl and grabbed a few non-necessities and went back. We went on a fun nature walk, had a campfire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows- even popped some popcorn! It was the best popcorn EVER! We sat down at the table and with flashlights played games and laughed.

Our girl is very skittish when it comes to storms. She looks up and sees lightning off in the distance, she let’s out a semi-quiet squeal and says, “STORM!” Then the wind comes a blowing! We pack everything up and head in the tent. All the while, telling the kids that it is very possible that the storm way off will stay way off. The wind howled. Our tent rocked. We even managed to giggle and laugh. And *phew* that was the end of it. Several hours- well, it felt like it, it might not have been- later, the wind stopped and the stars were shining. It was beautiful.

This morning we cooked breakfast burrito’s over the fire again and played some more- I tried to squeeze in some more crocheting, but there was this adorable little girl that is just the tiniest bit older than our girl and a bit shorter- a petite little doll! Oh my! Could she talk! Between her and my girl, the hook and yarn were forgotten.

So this is my confession! I am hooked. I was unable to go 24 hours without crocheting. I’m a junky. I need help… crocheting MORE, will help, wont it?


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