I am all amazement

I had a friend– I have a few, shocking?- well, this friend asked if I could make her almost 2 month old baby a little hat that matched a particular outfit! Eeeesh! Could I do it? I asked her if I could grab the outfit and attempt to match the yarn. If I could find the right yarn, I’d be willing to try it.

I got this adorable little outfit and on my way to yarn hunt— way lots of fantastic mucho fun…. er, I mean, it was going to be so much fun! It was like a good ol’ fashioned piratey treasure hunt. Imagine my consternation when I walked down the yarn aisle and immediately found the perfect yarns. Oh, Caron Simply Soft- you do have what I want- ALWAYS. I was hoping for a bit more work though, to be able to pick up a few more skeins and play with some textures. The “Plum Perfect” was, well, perfect! and the “orchid” was just the right delicate, soft purpley sweetness!

The first challenge was completed and the easiest accomplishment.

Did I mention that I did not have a pattern? Just a picture of what was wanted. I searched Ravelry- for about 25 pages out of a possible several hundred. I could “read” the stitches… couldn’t I? Challenge 2, here I come.

I looked and counted and zoomed in. I can do this! I chanted with the little engine, “I think I can! I think I can! CHOOOO-CHOOOO” ok, the choo’s were from the actual trains that I hear constantly. It helped though. maybe.

First attempt- eh, I didn’t like it. I wouldn’t give it to my daughter for her dolls. I finally NAILED it (I said that in a sing-song voice and it’s just too bad you can’t hear me. You missed out on that bit of vocal performance) I think it was the fifth try. Who’s counting any way.

It was just so encouraging to know that I can look at a picture and have a decent chance of recreating it. Well, at least in the hat department. I’m working on the little flower to attach to it, but I have a few options that I am going to work on.

See ya on the flip side, with my precious little hat.

special hat



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