Special Deliveries

Today is a send one, get one kind of day! I am sending out my nephew’s Spider Man hat and gloves today! And my new biz cards came in! It really is just as exciting for me to give as to get. They both are tons of fun- so today was like a mini-Christmas! I get to wrap a gift up and open one! Seriously, how fun is that? I’m a 32-year-old child!

I want to put Christmas muzic on and flash some lights and watch a Muppet Christmas Carol and eat some Lutefisk. That is my husbands family tradition- don’t worry, if you know what that is, we do NOT have the real deal. *shiver* If hubs were reading this over my shoulder he’d be shaking his head. He’s what I call a humbug. No Christmas talk, music, or decorating until December! How lame is that? Are some of you like that? I’m really such a kid about it. In a fun way! REALLY!

As I shared with you before, I think that it has something to do with the weather. Growing up in Southern California, or temps and weather is really so different than from “out here”. October is our December. It cools off at night and I’m like, let’s crack open some alcohol-free egg nog and some gingerbread! Let’s string popcorn and paper wreaths. Well, I don’t do the popcorn, in this house it wouldn’t make it to the string, just the bellies!

Ah! Christmas, don’t be late! Are you rolling your eyes as well?

yesterday was a busy day. I ended up going on a drive with a friend on an “errand of mercy” and didn’t get home until 3:30 in the AM. I am tired. But I shall crochet on! still working on the pillow. 🙂 I’ll work in some other projects so you don’t get bored waiting for the newest thing and pictures and things and stuff and whatnot.


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