shoulda? Woulda? coulda?

Every night, hubs reads a bit to our family. We are currently reading the Oz series by L. Frank Baum. I did not know that there were so many. My only experience was the old, classic, Judy Garland version “Wizard Of OZ”. Filled with wonder and color and little munchkins singing the joys of the wicked witch dying and “If I only had a brain, a heart, the noive (nerve)” And horses of different colors and bing king of the forrrrest, and we can never forget “oooh-eee-oooooooooh- oh-oh”. Of course there is SURRENDER DOROTHY.

I shoulda:

As we are preparing and calming down for the nightly chapter, Abby announces that I am in the chronicles of YARNia! I shoulda!I wanted to kick myself! That would have been such a cuter name than “Chan Chan’s Crochet” Oh well, it is what it is.  I wanted one of those clever names.

There was a hair salon that I knew of called, “Curl up and Dye”- a crazy creative name. It is all in a name you know. I’m with Anne Shirley. She said something like, “I have heard that a rose called by any other name would smell as sweet, but I don’t think that is so. We would not want it if it were called a thistle or a nettle” I’m off on the quote- with great shame.  the chronicles of Yarnia! sheeesh!

I guess that I am ok with my name, my niece gave me the name. She is a cute little stinker from West Virginia, and I am her Aunt Chan Chan. So the name is endearing to me.

I did get my biz cards today. I love them. I have handed many out around town. Painting the town with my cards— oh that sounds like fun.

I shoulda?

I’m thinking that I need to print out a poster or something! We have some local businesses that put up little posters or things in their windows. Good Idea? I am thinking so. The “Chan Chan’s Crochet” needs to get out there.

Maybe even a tiny add in a paper? I dunno. Maybe I shoulda!

I coulda?

It is crazy being in the middle of several projects! The pillow, the ornament, and the beanie- a child’s book? That could be fun! The pillow I had to “rip” out because, I was not liking the edging of my colors, I switch colors in the middle of a row. It has put me farther behind on it. Not to terribly though. My customer is super-duper understanding- he is my brother-in-law. Once I get it under control it will be perfect. I coulda! had that right, but I am glad that it is working better.

the TARDIS is actually being so perfect! Almost toooo perfect because it’s easy! It was making this and writing this pattern that showed me that I could work the pillow so much betterly. Smooth as butter.

A new beanie. I had a friend ask me to whip up a beanie for her baby girl. She is such a tiny thing, born in August. Now, could I have turned this down! HA! I coulda bit my nose more easily. I didn’t want to do either of those, besides that second thing is just weird. She PM’d me a pic that she wanted so from the pic, I am recreating it. I tried to find a pattern, but no luck. It is a plum beanie with scallops or a shell edging with granny stitching-type things for the section just before the edging and a lavender flower on it! OY! I took the outfit she wanted matched with me to that big megamart- it’s name starts with WALL and ends with “E”, that’s what we call it. I was so impressed, they had nearly perfect colors! Caron simply soft’s “plum perfect” and “orchid”. I can’t wait to share it with you! It is really going to be fabulous… if I can imitate this pattern. Can I? We’ll see.

Let’s see what other trouble I can get into while I build my crochet-y bizy. 🙂


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