Last nights creation

see, isn't it terrible? I tried to bug the eyes out.. no good!

see, isn’t it terrible? I tried to bug the eyes out.. no good!

Yesterday, I decided to put a hold on the angry birds (I dont’ think I mentioned it on the blog, but I did on fb– see all avenues give a little something different… Twitter:, Facebook: I used the red beanie anyways as the base of the SpiderMan hat that I sorta owe my nephew. I made him one a few weeks ago- I wasn’t happy with the colors that I used, but I had finished it so I sent it out. I have been told that he was very excited and plays with it, but it is too small. 😦 I hate when that happens. So my policy is, if I make it and it doesn’t fit then I make a new one. If it was purchased I won’t even charge you to replace it- though, I will ask for a photo so that I can see it not fitting.

So I had this red base and thought, “Self, instead of starting a new series of products, mayhaps, you should complete nephew’s spidey hat? What say you, self?” Sounded like a well rounded and amazing idea to myself 😉 In fact, it made my spidey sense tingle. Why make them wait any longer? So that is what I did.

As you can see in the picture, the first one really was atrocious! And that ever-so-cute-little-monkey was so very, very sweet to love it anyway- isn’t that just like a child? We look at something and moan and complain about it and find fault! He just saw something his cray-cray aunt made him?!! Isn’t that precious? I knew this one had to rise to the occasion! This one needed to be out of this world amazing and a little somthing else. FINGERLESS GLOVES! Those are so much fun- in my oh-so-humble opinion.

what do you think? Did I do it?


the hat pattern is a free one from:
The gloves are all me 🙂


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