A while back, my brother-in-law and his wife came to visit us. I just love when they do- when ANY of my family visits. Well, when we were discussing plans prior to their arrival, we decided to have Christmas in the summer. What fun!!
I racked my noggin’ to find that “perfect” gift. Well, Non (my nic-name for him) is a major geeky, dorky, luvable fella. He and his brother-in-law have a fb page- BWADcast, so funny. Check it out some time. They have a podcast and all of that stuff. My hubby has been a guest on it because he’s a dork too. (BWAD- because we are dorks)
All that to say only something DORK-TASTIC would do. Star Trek!!! Music starts up, birds sing! That’s it I said to self (that would be me)
I began searching patterns to see want I could see. Nothing special enough- do ya know what I mean?
I made a fantastical pillow!  Seriously! He even posted a pic on his fb page. Big stuff there!
Now, I am writing this on my Kindle so I’ll not be able to post the pic…look for it tomorrow sometime. It’s great!
He has commissioned me to make a set. The first was Voyager, I’m working on TNG (the next gen). All my pattern. I have looked and have found nothing like it. Maybe that will be another pattern to write up? Check it out on Etsy or look for the pic tomorrow. All will be listed. If you are or know a geek -errr- luvable dork, check it out. You know where the links are 😉
Until we meet again. 🙂 i think this is it… if not click the link, yeah?


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