Things I LOVE about the fall

I love the fall. There is just so much beauty in it. I love the colors of the leaves, even the browning of the grass and corn and around here soy beans. It’s strange that I like it so much because it is all a form of death and decay. Yet’s it’s simplicity and vibrancy are never lost on me. 

I love being able to bundle up. Nothing says cozy like a sweat shirt and/or sweats or those cozy bottoms with fuzzy socks. I’m not a slipper person- those end up getting tossed aside. I love beanies and head-gear! Scarfs! Boots! Layers!! 

I love hot drinks! Coco/hot chocolate and coffee- or even combining the 2! Oh my! It is a really good thing that there is not a coffee conglomerate near me– every spare penny (Ha! Like a penny would work!) would be spent of pumpkin spice, or caramel, or white chocolate mocha’s and all other variety of flavored, caffeine packed coffees! 

I love the food! Soups, chowders, baked yummy things! I love baking things. From breads to pies! That cozy, warm feeling of a kitchen warmed by the oven! Thick, hearty stews or brothy soups. I can’t get enough of them. I’m ready to start making those when it’s 70 and my Cali roots show again. 

I love football 😉 I love sitting down after church with my hubs and watching those guys get messed up… did I just lose the quaint and sweet of this post? I love the colors of most of the teams… there is one that is silver and blue and another that is silver and black- and don’t get me started on the red and black (2 of these teams are from my home state. :/ 

I love sitting down on my couch with my hook and knocking out something warm and cozy for someone to enjoy. Or working on something that is soft and huggable to give to a baby in the family. The way the yarn feels while I transform the string into something special just for someone else.

I love the fall. I love that next is winter and most of these things continue over and intensify. Image


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