such a fun little thing that screams cuddle me?! Doesn't it??

such a fun little thing that screams cuddle me?! Doesn’t it??

Do you know how hard it is to come up with a “title?” Yeeesh.  It’s rough. My mind has nothing original when it comes to titles.

Today I have accomplished things… really! I have. oh! Don’t you go and look at me in that tone of voice.
I did make a very angry little tweety bird. Wanna see? Once again, I find something I have made absolutely adorable. I’m thinking of doing a combo- a birdy luv and a matching hat? Whatchu think, bub? I think that it just might be a cool idea. They could be purchased separately as well. I’m going to go through all of them that I can… maybe even the special ones… maybe… we’ll see…

So it was a rainy, cloudy, blustery Kansas fall day. We have a cold front coming in and it’s going to be cold over nights. I just might wear that snowman to bed.

Hubs finds me funny, I think that’s one of the reasons that he loves me. He’s so hot natured- I am not. So we look like the odd couple.

Did I tell you my crazies played in mud yesterday! Oh my! They got spotted. Like little leopards or cheetahs! But not a puma. muddy boys
We also wore our hats- well, all but 2 of us- to the store the other day! We looked so silly and had so much fun. The twins wearing their Mikey and Raph TMNT hats and my girlie wore that horrid witch, while I looked stunning in my snowman. We got looks. It was 8? degrees F out there. I felt sorta bad because I said to them, “maybe somebody will ask where we got our amazing hats” Well, one of the twins was so bummed when we got to the van and said, “Mom, no one asked about out hats.” I did not realize that it had meant so much to him to “help out”. He was so sweet. I told him that it was ok. We had fun and that was all that mattered.
It’s memories you know. I did not intend to put pressure on him, it was just for fun. I have learned to be careful with how I phrase things. Be silly! Yall! Maybe even with one of my creations- but be silly. Make your babies smile and laugh.
It’s more important than… all of this. 🙂


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