Mr. Sandman?

Bring me my dream! Oh wait… I’m married! AND he is my dream.

I got about 45 minutes of sleep so far tonight. I tried to get to sleep around 10-ish CST; I am a night owl, but I am the only one in my family! So (there I go again!) I have been wanting to retrain myself to go to sleep earlier and to get up earlier… EARLIER! Oy! It was working. I was almost asleep when it seemed as though someone was flashing a light in my bedroom windows. FREAK-TASTIC!

Now, I can remember when growing up in So-Cal that was not all that uncommon. In the area’s that we lived there were regular midnight creepers. Whether they were cops trying to find someone or someone looking for a cat- it happens. However, I live in the country! I have cattle and crops and about a dozen neighbors… a creeper in our town would be super-duper strange. I got up and looked out and we are having the coolest lightning storm. There are some crazay storms going on in Nebraska! I get the light show.
I tried to record it, the stars are spectacular and the flashing of the lightning is amazing.  Just gorgewous! I just got a black screen and my

TARDIS Christmas Ornament-- well the beginning of it.


voice. Not very cool considering what is is supposed to be.

How about a little bit o’ crochet talk… Chan Chan’s Crochet and all. I finished another Raph Ninja Turtle beanie tonight. I listed the snowman. I began working on a TARDIS Christmas ornament. I’m pretty stoked about it. I had seen a free pattern listed on Pinterest, but it is missing. poof. gone. no more. gone, gone, gone. So 😉 I thought to myself, “Self, you are crafty. You are quite the genius! {Insert hysterical laughter here} Self, you get that shiny blue yarn, white yarn and shiny black yarn- dumb self should have gotten the shiny white when self

had the chance- Get out that hook and crochet my precious- my precious!” I can feel myself deforming into Golem… so mixing my

geeky! it works though.

I am really thrilled to death with it so far! I’m not sure if it looks like much. Just a few white squares in a mess of shiny blue. It should be

FANTASTIC. So Geranimo and Allons-y and engage… argh! Mixed geeky again! enjoy your midnights. I shall… attempt to sleep again… or get my Eureka on again? yeah, probably that. So happy to have Netflix.

TARDIS Christmas Ornament– well the beginning of it.

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