Back in the Saddle…

So I needed to move on from the witch. I wasn’t that traumatised by it, but it did hurt my feels. Move on, right? Yeah! That’s what I am saying!


So (I begin with “so” a bunch! How weird is that, I wonder if I talk that way?) yesterday, I began my snowman. See my freckled nose… I’m on the phone with my marmie. I think he is adorable! I’m going to give him a top hat and a mouth… maybe… I mean, I think he is adorable.

I just might give him a few siblings. An “inverted” snowman- black beanie with white buttons? and a yellow snow? I don’t know.. I might just make them for the fun of it. To see if I’d like them. As I told yall before, I will never know until I try. (I’m trying REALLY hard not to use “so”)

He has little ear-doohickeys! That is the scientific name for them, “ear-doohickeys”

I just love the winter and this gets me ready for it! move on fall- though, I just love the fall too. I need to find some fall-type-thing to make.

It seems that I am getting less scattered.. I’m sad about that. It was kinda fun. Though, forced random just seems, well, forced! 😉 (I have to end all of these posts with a smiley!)


5 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle…

  1. I also have a hard time with not using ‘so’ in my posts. That and ‘anyway’. Have to think hard about not doing it and read over what I wrote before I publish it.
    So (lol) I think the snowman is super cute! Even without the top hat and mouth. Keep up the good work. I love seeing your creations.

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