Witchy Woman

The thing that I just love about crochet is the variety. The room to royally mess up. I kinda feel like that is what I did with that little witch. I dunno. It just didn’t turn out the way that I wanted it to. So I am thinking it wasn’t to be? Can you see the coolness of that? I started that thing more than 24 hours ago- which was the first clue that I wasn’t to keen on it. 1 hat, 24 hours!?! Not the norm, lemme tell you.

The amazing thing is, I could feel like it was a waste of time. There were things I could have accomplished… like finishing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Wrist Warmer/Fingerless gloves. I have 1 done… as in 1 single on it’s lonesome glove-type-thing. He really needs his mate. *sigh* poor lonerrrly guy. He’ll find his soul mate— once I get myself geared up for it. Waiting isn’t a terrible thing.


oh yeah! So there were other things I could have accomplished- things I might have been able to list and have my stamp of

approval on it. (Like 2 posts today! WHAT?!?!) But I stuck it out with the little witch- I feel like I am being horrible and mean

every time I say that! I finished it. I would have forever wondered and mayhaps even been stuck with what I call “creative constipation” It’s there it just doesn’t wanna come. (TMI? IT really is what I call it! SO sorry if I offended you!)
I think she’s cute, just not cute enough.

so what will I do now? Oh there are many things! Things that give me giggles and fits and warm fuzzies and feels. I decided I’d make a snow man. Not too difficult. Something to move me past this chicky. I have another witchy option, maybe I’ll try that after the snow man. We’ll see, we will see.

oh, and that is my crazy girl, she wanted to make a crazy face πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Witchy Woman

  1. honestly, if it was silver, it would look like what the tin man wears on his head..the funnel thingie-ma-bob!!! you could make it a tin-man hat… mark the 75th aniverasarararary of The icky wizard of Oz … and those creepazoid flying monkeys!

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