When it rains, it pours. But the sun always comes up.

What a day! No, you don’t have to get that look. It’s ok really. Honestly and truly! I woke up on time this morning.  I crocheted today. Isn’t that wonderful?
We went down to the tire place and I dropped hubs and the crazies off while I went on an excursion with one of the sweet grandmas from church. While she was otherwise occupied, I attempted to crochet a newish pattern. Ashley designs “Little witch” beanie. It’s an awesome pattern, but I messed it up… well, I’m being hard on myself. My stitches are tighter than hers and like a goober I did not check my gauge. *duh* oh well, it inspired me. I’m bouncing off of her pattern and making it my own. No pic yet… other than of my funky one 😉 you can check out the pic of that on fb… http://www.facebook.com/chanchancrochet I think the new one will be the perfect way to kick off October– a few days late.
So while I was crocheting in the sun enjoying myself so very much! Hubs and the crazies were making up for yesterday! Library and the park! Hubs even got the kids ice cream. Awesome right?
The best news is that when Hubs went in to pay for the tire he was told it was PAID for!!! Yes. You read me right! Paid in full. Praise the Lord! We don’t know WHO did this. I’m not even sure who knew the problem.  I know you guys knew- but you aren’t in NE Kansas are you? I didn’t call around and proclaim out trouble— oh, laugh it up. I did tel you! I know! I know. But y’all are so special.
Really. No one around here knew. I’ll confess that I did not believe that the Lord would come through in this manner. I knew we *could* meet the need but our bottom line would take a big hit. I know that all we have comes from Him- so that’s where it’d come from. This…. wow. I’m all amazement.

I’ll crochet more tomorrow singing praises and thankful for all God’s provision. I’ll crochet away. And the “other” stuff that needs to be done too… maybe…


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