I wonder- I also wonder

I wonder if coming up with your own patterns is really worth it? You get to come up with something unique and wonderful. *hopefully* If you don’t, then you’ve just wasted tons of time! Time that you could have been working on something you know *should* work.

It makes my brain hurt.

I’m thinking mayhaps I should vault over fall and just shoot for Christmas and winter? Be like those huge mega-stores, like that Big one that used to be ALL_ AMERICAN? You know starts with WALL and ends in E? Well, that is what we call it.


I love the fall, but I am all about winter! Being a SAHM with not much going on makes for cozy wintery, snowy days. My California roots are shivering though. But I really am so crazy that I like it, even though I just might get hypothermia just looking out the window. No joke! I get

cold when hubs has the AC at  70. Should I get real and show you a pic of my makeup-less face in July of this year? No, I am not Islamic… just cold!

For this Cali-born-girl, I’m ready for Christmas in October.  After years and years, I finally realized WHY! It’s because the weather in October IS what Christmas is like in California! 60 degrees with chilly mornings!  My Wisconsin reared hubby finds this hilarious, but I tell him that he picked this crazy girl!

So the pattern, it’s not really completely made up, it is my variation of that little witch that I told you about yesterday. I just think it’s taking too long, when I could bust out a little snowman with a top hat?! Cute, right?

I’ll keep on keeping on and get this done. I think it’ll be cute.

by the way, the title comes from a hilarious movie called “The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra” If you are into things like http://www.rifftrax.com/ which my hubs is also MST3000 then you just might like that movie– and then you might find the title funny too 😉


One thought on “I wonder- I also wonder

  1. i also, also wonder… why you made me watch that movie… BUT DUDE!!! THAT’S SOOOOOO TRUE! that must be why i get all Christmas song-y in Oct!!!! is it Christmas yet? BT-Dub, your bil is 32 on Monday… randomness!!

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