Momma said there’d be days like this.

How are you doing today? Me! HA! Well, you don’t know this, but this is my– um— umpteenth time! To try to write this. This has just not been my day! The last try was my absolute FAVORITE! But due to my ineptitude, I lost it. Totally my fault. I shall try to remake it, but it was beautiful, if I do say so myself.

Today has been- well- one unfortunate thing after another. It wouldn’t have been so bad, it it was just 1 or 2 things… but 9 or 10? I kid you not! The crazies and I listed them. 1) I got up late. No, biggie. HA! 2) One of the twins- I’m not sure which- stepped on the heel of my flip-flop and I stopped flip flopping, but Quasimodo-esquely step, swishing. And of course because of our cold snap (oh, I crack me-self up!) there was bubble jackets out, but no flip-flops. 3) Tire was low. We went home and then decided to go to the park and library. Hubs stayed home to clean carpets… I got the best fella EVA! The crazies and I got in the van. Singing along with The Ball Brothers ( ) and KA-BOOOM! then the burrrump, burrrump, burrump of a very flat tire (That’s #4). We filed out like a mamma duck and her ducklings- I was in sandals then, but not good walking shoes! So we did waddle! er, I waddled. A kind lady gave us a ride- which I’d normally never do! So not safe! I broke one of my own rules. *sigh* <– #5. Then 6) Walk (again, Waddle) to a sweet lady’s house- this one we knew and we knew that she’d let us use her phone (Shocked, no cell!) and also her car! but the downside was the waddling! 7) Library was closed- DUH! MONDAY! We get the car and put some gas in it and the kids have been so great we get slurpee/shlushies and I get a GIANT Dt. Dr. Pepper. And like a fool, plut said Dr. Pepper on the dash. and the last one, I pull out and the entire ice-free drink pours into my oldest son’s lap.

So, Momma. Days like this. What do you do with them? I didn’t get 1 stitch crocheted. I planned the day out. I had everything ordered the way I wanted it. Life doesn’t always go MY WAY. The Bible talks about that. It does. I can plan every minute detail out- it doesn’t always work that way. My beautiful plans may get tossed into the Kansas wind. That happened today. So when


 we got home, the crazies and I made a list of our unfortunate events. We then counted our blessings and came up with 24.

1) I woke up. 2) Kind “nameless” lady gave us a ride. 3) Free silly bands at the gas station. 4) slurpee and drink- even if it was spilled. 5) goodies at walmart- when the shoe broke, so did mommy and she grabbed the junk. :/ 6) We had a car to borrow! 7) Tire will be fixed. 8) “Tigger” was saved from the van, and the little man will have it for bed. 9) We got home safely. 10) We were prepared to walk- Hubs has been “taking” us on long walks. 11) We have an awesome place to play right where we live, the park may have been fun, but not needed. 12) We did not take Gimli- our dog- and he has not eaten the cat 😉 13) Our family. 14) we were close to the kind lady who lent us her car. 13) our family. 14) We were close to our dear friends who let us use her car for as long as we need to. 15) NO ACCIDENT! `16) No one was crabby. 17) Found the missing library books. (forgot to mention that!) 18) The van is safe- it could have been worse. 19) Bikes to ride. 😉 20) Awesome family. 21) No bones were broken. 22) Daddy was safe at home. 23) From AG, “Daddy got through the battle of the carpet, and I think he won.” and 24) Ian had clothes to change into.

So yeah, it was a rough day. I’m going to end it with a gooey butter cake and a hot bath! But this momma! I got to teach them that there ARE days like this. “There’ll be day’s like this” this momma said. But what we do with it, now there lays the key. I have it in me to scream and curse and throw one giant tantrum. But, I remembered that God knew this was going to happen. I didn’t crochet the way I had planned. They didn’t play at the park. We found MORE to be thankful for than anything else. Those 24 things, that was almost all- most of them- were from the minds of my 10 yr old boy, 8 yr old chicky, and 6 yr old boys. Not too shabby.
Momma, there are going to be days like this. It’s ok. I’ll crochet tomorrow. Our pocket book will be MUCH lighter. It’s ok. We’ll live. We’ll celebrate life. We’ll crochet tomorrow. We’ll praise the Lord anyhow. 😀


One thought on “Momma said there’d be days like this.

  1. thanks sister-sue now that song is in my head… I had a day like that yesterday too!!! oh… momma said there’d be days like this there’d be days like this my momma said.. -momma said…

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