So I was thinking…. SPORTS?

Football season. The time when normally cool-headed people become crazed fans. When people sit in open stadiums for hours in freezing temps and sometimes snow. I love snow. My husband does not understand how his Heat-loving-Cali-girl can, but I do.. if I am INSIDE watching them play OUTSIDE. I’ll admit that I enjoy football. I, myself, get a tad *cough* bonkers when my team(s) play. One I share with a sense of pride, the other I cough out in one of those, “didja really hafta ask?” kind of voices. San Diego and Green Bay. I’ll let you decide which is which.

I also am a newby resident of Kansas. And, guess what? This little corner is not so flat and barren … but I digress. So as a Kansan…. Kansiscan?…. munchkin? I must not cringe when people say, “Go Chiefs!”. I think I do an ok job…. I think…
Crochet.. right? Where does this come in? Well. While people are out writing different “GO, SPORTS” type of cheers across their not-so-


flattering abdomens they can at least keep their heads warm! Hehehehe. For a fellow Packers fan, I made an adorable green and gold ear

warmer! This was so exciting for me! Ladies, I can do this for any team… pro, college (lots o’ K State and KU fans- I get them confuzzled! Which one is Jays? Which one has purple? Please don’t throw rocks at me!!), local high school! HOW COOL!

football beanieThen there is the little man’s helmet beanie! (Now read this in that funny disclaimer TV fast speaking voice from lawyers commercials!!- not to be used as a replacement helmet, if knocked in the noggin, the skull inside of the beanie will be thoroughly bruised, etc ans so forth) A little guy in my neighborhood needed this one! And oh did it turn out better than I expected. I have not seen him in it yet, but my crazy boys were so cute!!! Wanna see? Ok (don’t forget… *cough* I sell on Etsy)


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