so speaking of creativeness

I wasn’t planning on crocheting today- it’s Saturday and if I’m really going to work this biz than I need some time off, right? Nah! I have too much fun with this? Is that fair? I mean there a millions, if not billions, of people that are unable to work with something they love! How blessed am I?
First, exciting thing of the day was that I was given a tackle box. Are you as stoked as I am? Seriously! I was needing something to organize all of our stuff! I mean, I have floss (a special thread to write things on the stuff I’ll make for you!), I have buttons, I have hooks, scissors, needles, tape– for some reason, and ribbon. (Hey, I need more ribbon too! YAY!) I’ve had to make some creative changes to it to make it go from fishing tool (Fishing is fun too.. just not AS fun) from fishing to crochet tool. I did think a caboodle box would be fun to use too. But I’m going to have to doll this sucker up. That’ll be fun too! Woo-hoo!
Second, is that I completed all of the Ninja Turtle hats- did you see those? So, what does a crochet-aholic do? find something else to crochet. Matching fingerless gloves. I’m not even half way complete with it and it is awesome!
Maybe I have a little pride in my work. But it’s so cool looking. I’ll share a picture… but it will be a sad pic.
I hope you see how much I really like what I am doing! It’s a hobby, yes. But a valuable commodity. Crochet is something that has been dying, though, I am seeing a growth in it! That is awesome! If you crochet that is so cool! I may even start sharing some patterns with you. I have not found wrist warmers like these that I am making. I have several things that seem to be an original. We’ll see where that goes. I hope yall have a great night! Enjoy and get your crafty on. Remember- here’s the plug- I can make something for you! I can customize and personalize. Woo-hooo!


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