It’s a beautiful mornin’

So, today is a miracle day. And not just because it is Sunday! My crazies are ready for church early! With little trouble or hassle– there was a little 😉 There always has to be something- they are my kids. We just might be on time to church today. Which is sorta sad… we live next door. Did I tell you that my hubs is a pastor? Well, we don’t have to drive to church it’s a short— I meImagean, SHORT– walk. You’d think with the extra time we have that we could manage to be there at least 10 seconds early? Right? HA! Oh well, they are mine, they are crazy, and I love them.

So I find myself with a few extra minutes (not many, I can be just as behind as they are!) So I decided to make a quick modesty panel for my shirt– just to lift this neckline up to a more modest and appealing level. I’ll share the pattern and a pic with you… if I can complete it before *I* am late!

If you can chain and slip stitch then you got this!
Ch 25
Slip stitch in the 5th ch from hook, *ch 2, sk 3 st slst in 4th stitch* until the end of the row, sl st in last ch sp
chain 4 sk 3 st, sl st in 4th sp
You will see little ovals being made.
Ch 4 and slip stitch in the meeting stitch. (Where you sl st in the last row.
Weave in ends or continue to make the pattern until the end.


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