Creativity’s mad ramblings?

One of the things that I like the most about crocheting is getting creative… and it’s fairly mess free. Yes, I have those little bits o’ string that are flowing around me and quite possibly driving my hubby crazy. Yet, it is much easier to clean up than say…. paint? If I spill yarn on the carpet, I don’t have to pull out the carpet cleaner or mop or special cleanser to get it up. I have thought about painting but I am no James Hance (seriously, you should check his stuff out! ) I will one day have one of his Dr. Who (BBC TV series) T-shirts!
So I am off subject again… you will see that it happens alot! Some may call it flighty, or ditzy! I call it my creative license.
What was I talking about again– oh I hope this doesn’t get tiring for you!– CROCHET! That is the point of the blog, right? Not giving a free plug to a pop-culture artist!
I like being creative. I like taking something and creating something magnificent out of it! I mean that is what God did, and we were created in His image. He took nothing and made everything! It is fantastic! I can not fathom the satisfaction that He got when He made all of Creation back at the Garden of Eden. I believe I get just a small taste of that when I take that ball of string and make something fun- it doesn’t always have to be useful!
Creativity flows in every area of my life! Homeschooling is a great outlet for creativity! That’s another blog’s post though. Baking is as well.. I like to do that too! Oooh! To make something out of some basic staples and make it taste like… like… like… just some mouth-watering-goodness! I make a homemade dinner every night for my family. I enjoy making those basic things.. can you tell?
Crochet has become the greatest outlet though! I can take a beanie and make a bazillion (yes, that’s a real word!) varieties! I can make wrist warmers (also called fingerless gloves) and make them match your cheer teams colors- if you are into cheer, which my niece is, so she is getting some black and orange wrist warmers. I also made an adorable ear warmer- it’s like a really big headband- for my other niece (I have a few of those and a few more nephews– and still more on the way! YAY BABIES… SQUIRREL!) So I made this for Kenzie (they are called Kenzies Special). They are grey and pink, so cute for a year old little munchkin. So I took that basic pattern and made it with green and gold, Green Bay Packers colors– GO PACK!!
Are you seeing it? Simple things, yet the variety is endless!
As I said, variety! Creativity! I am a Whovian.. I’m sorry, I might lose a few of you here… just hang on and you’ll be able to come back. 🙂 The T.A.R.D.I.S. is such a cool thing! So is the Doctor for that matter! I have created a set of earwarmers and a Kindle Fire– doohicky– ugh… it’s a sleeve! That’s what it’s called. I have many other things that are working around and bouncing from here to there in my mind.
I can go on, but I don’t want to wear it all out! If you like creative things, and have idea’s share them with me! You and I can get creative together. So #Let’sgetcreative? #WhatcanImakeforyou?


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